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At IDC, we understand eLearning's positive impact on an organization's financial performance and the impact eLearning has on employee performance, their professional careers, and personal lives. Our instructional designer's focus their efforts on both the goals of the organization as well as those of its employees. 

The tools, technology, processes and instructional designers create great eLearning solutions are all focused on achieving these goals. 

elearning, instructional design, training, wbt, cbt
Instructional Design


Our instructional designers incorporate adult learning principles within all instructional design models in an effort to produce highly engaging, rich, robust interactive learning experiences.

We leverage, interpret, and act on your training requirements and budgets to create the most effective learning experiences possible.  

elearning, instructional design, training, wbt, cbt
Courseware Development


All of our customized eLearning courses include robust and engaging interactivity and a variety of state of the art multi-media based supporting elements.


We tailor design efforts to suit various budget requirements in an effort to produce the most cost effective development effort possible.

elearning, instructional design, training, wbt, cbt
LMS Hosting & Consulting


IDC offers an a next generation LMS built from scratch to address the learning requirements of the present and the future.

We designed our LMS exclusively for corporate organizations' eLearning and mLearning needs and for training companies to sell their courses.

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